Human Eyes will contain the thoughts and ideas about life in 21st century Britain. I plan to make it a mixture of different topics, but in particular:

  • politics
  • the economy
  • ethics and morality

The style will  sometimes be serious and heartfelt, sometimes satirical, often humorous – I hope! – and occasionally just downright silly. Above all, I want it to be fun!

Now retired, I spend part of my time as a school governor, a trustee of a regional charity and volunteer for another well-known voluntary sector organisation. I hope to bring my experiences in these roles, together with a wider interest in politics and current affairs, to inform my views and opinions. I’m a firm believer in life-long learning and revel in the fact that there’s still so much to learn! I am kept young – perhaps! – by four lovely grandchildren who are a constant reminder of the sheer joy of exploring and learning about the big, wide world.

My long-suffering wife has to put up with my ideas and my so-called “wit”. I thought it time I gave the rest of you an opportunity to suffer a little also!

This blog was prompted as a reaction to the May 2015 General Election result and the prospect of five years of Tory Government supported by just 37% of the voters. Of particular concern is the threat to the Human Rights Act and Britain’s place in the league of “civilized” nations. A British Bill of Rights will not do!

I would like to enjoy a set of basic rights because I’m human, not some concessions wrung out of a reluctant government because I’m British!

I welcome comments and reactions, hopefully in the spirit of our common humanity.

Now I just have to get on and do this!



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