Pick of the Posts

This is a new page introduced in late March 2018. It’s designed for newcomers to my blog site and offers an introduction to past posts which you may enjoy. I plan to refresh this “Top 10” about monthly, so please re-visit this page from time to time!

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My current selection follows:

  • My Way (2017): for everyone who thinks Donald J Trump is a complete idiot!
  • Forever Walk Alone (2017): new words to suit Theresa May’s unwillingness to take advice
  • Desert Island Discs (2017): Spoof selection by Theresa May. Some songs are real, others slight puns. It helps to be a certain age or a music buff to get them all!
  • Mr Men 2016: current politicians in the style of Roger Hargreaves’ classic children’s books
  • Mr Men 2017: more of the same and some new characters
  • This Blinkered Isle (2016): For Shakespeare lovers and those with an ear for a good iambic pentameter! My riff on the classic John of Gaunt speech from Richard II.
  • Two Castles (part 1) (2015): Central post on why I think there is no God
  • Two Castles (part 2) (2015): Undermining the very foundations of economic policy since Thatcher and Reagan, now finally being questioned
  • Unexpected Item in the Nagging Area (2015): my lapse into being an old git ranting about one of the irritations of modern life. Warning! Contains rude word!

Have a peek and enjoy them!